Back in February 2010 I was pleased to discover that sci-fi novelist Tobias Buckell was as big of a fan of Vernor Vinge’s work as I am. In a long article about book pricing he mentioned that he loved Vinge so much he’d happily pay $50 to get his next book (The Children of the Sky) right away and not have to wait for it.

Now he finally has the book (it came out yesterday), and he’s as thrilled as I am:

“I’ve been waiting for a sequel to A Fire Upon The Deep almost half my life. And I’m like one of those kids who stayed up until midnight to get Harry Potter in line and raced home to read it…”

“…I’d been waiting for that book since my junior year of high school…But now that time is here! And it’s like Christmas came early for me…I wanted to write this before I disappeared for a few days. I’ve finished edits on books that I owe people, I’ve turned in articles, I’ve cleared my schedule. This is going to be fun.”