It’s no secret that Vernor Vinge is one of favorite authors. But while other authors I enjoy offer up the best social media has to offer (such as John Hodgman and Mary Doria Russell with their personal Twitter accounts and self-authored blogs), or at least have publishers interested in providing an official blog nearly incapable of missing out on the latest news and community buzz (such as Iain M. Banks’ publisher-run official website), Vernor Vinge and/or his works don’t have much of a web presence. Do a Google search for “vernor vinge”, and you’ll find a Wikipedia article, 7+ year old interviews, and some rarely updated fan websites.

So tonight I was surprised to find (as I searched Twitter for fans like me who were excited about the release of a new Vinge novel tomorrow) a short blog post written by Vernor Vinge himself just a short 7 days ago. How had I missed this?

The post was published on publisher Tor’s WordPress blog, which covers news for it’s wide array of writers and projects. While this appears to be the only post there authored by Mr. Vinge, there are other articles about his work that I would have expected to give the site a little Google-juice when searching for him.

While I still hope for a Vernor Vinge Twitter account (a fan has reserved the name for him and appears to be holding it until the author simply asks for it) or dedicated blog, in the meantime I’m thankful to have an RSS feed that filters out all posts at the Tor blog except for those tagged with #vernorvinge:

UPDATED 10/11/2011: I’ve also created a feed (using Yahoo! Pipes) to filter stories (different from the Tor publishing blog above) for articles that contain “Vinge”:

My thanks to Jayme Blaschke and/or Strange Horizons for the photo used (without permission) in my post.