I’m quite fond of some of the factory-shipped screensavers that came on my Kindle Touch… but others were definitely not my style. So when I followed Yifan Lu’s easy guide to rooting your Kindle Touch and installed his Custom Screensaver package, I found I actually missed those few stock Kindle images that I felt were really good.

The process for getting those images off of the Kindle so I could choose which I want in the new custom screensaver folder was more difficult than I thought. I had to install Yifan Lu’s USB Networking package, then I had to download a disc image off of my Kindle which I needed to run Linux to mount and read.

So after all that work it made sense to me to upload the stock Kindle Touch screensavers here in case anybody else with a customer screensavers hack on their Kindle would like to use them.

You can view and download the entire collection here.

UPDATE: I have fixed the link above to actually work now.