I thought it would be fun to post something that many of you probably didn’t know about me, with hopes that a trend could be started. Of course, the chances of anybody else in my little webring of blogs doing something like this are slim, but who cares.

In Jr. High I went to a Star Trek convention with some friends, and it was awesome. My brother got a 2360s (TNG) combadge pin and a type-2 phaser to complete his home-made 2370s Type B (early DS9 and Voyager) uniform (the older style combadge was cheaper, so it didn’t matter that it didn’t match) . I wish I knew where pictures of him wearing it are, because it was one of the prouder moments of my pre-fatherhood life.

Just now I looked up any possible Star Trek conventions fully expecting there to be no such thing. For the first time in decades there is no Star Trek series on TV, and the next Star Trek movie scheduled for release in theaters is expected to be a huge departure from the standard Trek universe and lore. But to my surprise, there still are Strek Trek conventions. Lots of them. In fact, there’s one coming up in Chicago in October. I don’t expect to be going to any though…not until my kids are old enough to give me an excuse at least! 😉