Last night Conan O’Brien hosted his first episode of The Tonight Show With Conan O’Brien. When I was teenager, my friends and I regularly watched Late Night With Conan O’Brien. Some of his sketches and jokes became long-term parts of our vernacular.

My first car, The Brown Dandy, got its name from a a short set of clips that I found to be particularly funny. I can’t find a video of it anywhere on-line, but the Conan-OBrien Archive has video captures, descriptions, and quotes for the episode :

Conan alludes to a starring role he has in a summer movie. “You mean a cameo you did?”, Andy inquires. “No, a starring role.” Conan shows a trailer for the film:

NARRATOR: “He was a brilliant young fashion designer. His use of color made him destined for greatness. Until an unfortunate accident with some brown dye robbed him of his sight forever and left him with eyes that only see brown. This summer be on the look out… for something brown… something dandy. Conan O’Brien is ‘THE BROWN DANDY.'”

Sepia-tinted footage. Conan, wearing a Zorro mask and carrying a brown cane approaches some clothes. “Ah, brown, beautiful brown.” He senses something and leaps offscreen.

NARRATOR: “You’ll never wear brown again.”


Andy wonders what the Brown Dandy’s superhero powers are. Conan says that he leaps into frame, appreciates things that are brown and then leaps out of scene.

Seems Andy, too, stars in a new summer film. [NOTE: The set-up of this bit is the same as the PSA bit.] He presents a trailer:

NARRATOR: “They came from over a million light years away. He was their chosen one. Do they want him for experimentation? No. Do they want him for repopulating some far off planet? No. Or do they want him for some hellish spectacle in which he is to be the object of their depraved alien lust? Yes! Kidnapped, thrust into an alien world. A hideous display for the galaxy to see. Once in a lifetime an actor finds a role that defines his career. This summer Andy Richter stars in ‘SPACE WHORE.’ Will he survive, will he escape, will he want to? SPACE WHORE. Rated R. Absolutely no one under 17 admitted.”

Andy is kidnapped by bug-eyed aliens, eyelashes, lipstick and a blonde wig are put on him and he’s forced to dance like a stripper for the aliens’ enjoyment. A space ship dangles on a string.

SWlogoSpace Whore

Max claims that he is a big star in India and his new film there is number one. The trailer for it is narrated in Hindi, features stock shots of floods and other disasters with Hindi script and a chroma-keyed shot of an Indian Max with six arms (a shiva) twirling drum sticks.

Max Shiva

One more Late Night memory deserves mention here too. In college, Conan and Mr. T’s trip to an apple orchard in upstate New York was enjoyed repeatedly and still remains dear to my heart. Thankfully, a YouTube video does exist for this.

Good luck with The Tonight Show, Mr. C!