I’ve used the same desktop wallpaper on my work computer for months now.  For me, that’s fairly unusual, as I tend to change wallpapers pretty frequently.  There’s nothing particularly special about this wallpaper (since I’m colorblind, it might even be ugly and I wouldn’t know), but I like it and it serves me well.

I wanted to give it a little credit here on the blog today, but it wasn’t saved in my DeviantArt profile, and the filename on my hard drive was “8b64a1a163d2f26ee5bf348671a98fd6” which doesn’t turn up any Google search results.

So I did a search for “upload image find matches” and found a website called TinEye. I uploaded my wallpaper, and got a little lucky.  TinEye couldn’t find the wallpaper on DeviantArt (its real, original source), but it did recognize it in a little thumbnail at some website called wallpapers-room.com.  Thankfully, the person using that wallpaper and the wallpapers-room.com service had the file named Ascendence_Wallpaper_by_RedXen.jpg, which allowed me to find it on the artist’s page on DeviantArt.

So I guess this is more of a story about how I found the name and author for the wallpaper.  Here it is, in case you’re curious.

by ~RedXen