A good, fast way to see if a book is available in electronic form is to visit its Amazon page. Amazon tells you right away if a book is available for their Kindle e-book reader, and while it’s not a given, books released for Kindle are often also already released in other electronic formats as well (sadly, this gulf is widening; Amazon is doing a better job of convincing publishers to go electronic with them, and other formats are getting left in the dust).

Prior to today, the page for a book on Amazon that was not available for Kindle had a button that said something to the effect of “Publishers: Find out how you can make this book available for Kindle”. I’d often think “Look at that easy button! Come on publishers!”

But today I noticed that the button has changed:

Clicking it gives the following message (“Thank you for requesting this title in Kindle edition…”):

Thank you for requesting this title in Kindle edition...

I hope that by doing this, I’m not contributing towards a publisher releasing a book for Kindle and not for other electronic formats. I’d like to think that once they’ve seen how well Kindle sales do, they’ll consider doing the same easy electronic release for others.

Anyway, thanks Amazon for letting us help you help publishers get their act together. 😉