What’s happened to the Become A Robot blog? Twitter, mostly. Little things like starting or finishing a book, finding a great new website or product, seeing a movie, learning a lesson…all of these have been reduced to few-sentence blips on my Twitter feed.

If I actually had something else to write about, I expect this refinement of blog content would be a better thing. But right now it just makes for some loud echos around here.

I have some things I’d love to complain about, like authors and publishers not getting serious about e-books, or childless people’s reactions to young children in public. But these types of things tend to just get shuffled over to Twitter too. I’m lazy, and it’s a lot easier to condense my thoughts down to 140 characters than it is to blow them up to a reasonably sized blog post. Even regardless of length, I can Twitter by sending an SMS from my phone, which is a lot simpler and faster than firing up a browser and clicking through WordPress admin screens (if only WordPress loved Palm like they love the iPhone).

So know that even while the cobwebs are collecting around here, I’m still alive and active on teh interwebs (and in real life too I guess).