Late yesterday afternoon my wife and I packed up the girls and drove to a birthday party on the other side of town. With only a couple of bridges open across the river, the 20 minute drive was replaced with a traffic clogged 40 minute trek. Still, it was nice to have SOME way to get across the river, so I can’t complain much. This morning the National Guard restored access to 3 bridges downtown making it much easier to get around the city for the first time since late last week.

As the Cedar River’s water level continues to recede (but still has over 6 feet to go before it’s below “flood stage”) recovery efforts are progressing across the city. I had saved some photographs to posts here on the blog, but instead of stealing from the fine folks at the Cedar Rapids Gazette, I decided to link directly to some of the excellent (and sobering) galleries of photos taken by Gazette (and some AP) photographers.

Don’t let the thumbnails fool you, these links take you to galleries of multiple photos.

Aerial Shots From Monday by Cliff Jette

Downtown Cedar Rapids on Tuesday by Liz Martin

More Cedar Rapids on Tuesday by Cliff Jette

Cedar Rapids on Tuesday by Courtney Sargent

The Gazette has many more galleries of photos related to the 2008 Iowa floods, here, including photos from last week when the city was submerged and recovery efforts weren’t yet an option.