Cars are expensive to buy, to fuel, and to maintain. But we rely on them more and more all the time. Wouldn’t it be cool if we needed them less? Less gas, less miles, less frequent repairs.

But the explosion of suburban America is killing (if it hasn’t already killed) self-sustaining neighborhoods. City limits housing developments and vast Suburban parking lots are making the way of the pedestrian harder with every new inch of blacktop. lets you enter an address and get a “walk score” based on how far away grocery stores, schools, and other such staples of society are from where you live. My house got a walk score of “42 out of 100”, which puts me pretty close to the middle of all the averages. And I don’t feel like my house is in a particularly commercial or residential neighborhood. Just a nice, normal (albeit lower-middle-class/blue collar) neighborhood.

I wonder how it compares to other people I actually know. *hint, hint*