A blog I subscribe too posted about a couple who brought bribe bags of candy with them on a recent airplane trip to help ease the pain and frustration of nearby passengers should their newborn son cause any unpleasantness. (And giving credit where it’s due, my brother-in-law suggested to me this weekend that we could hand out earplugs to airplane neighbors when we fly with the girls.)

The post mentions that the story of these parents doing this was found via the ‘parenthacks’ tag on Flickr. People who think they have a photo (and hopefully an explanation) of some trick to make parenting easier or better can include the tag ‘parenthacks’ on their photo to have it added to the Flickr stream.

So it was through the this tag that I saw this solution for preventing toddlers from accessing a bookshelf and tipping it over (crushing themselves), jumping off the top shelf (breaking themselves), or emptying the shelves and/or destroying books. I rearranged some furniture last night to make room for some new, used, donations, and somehow it was decided that my daughter’s room was the best place for an 8-foot-tall, narrow bookcase. We could screw it to the wall, but then she still has a nice tall ladder to climb and plenty of grown-up books to rip and color on. Covering the shelves within her reach with some kind of adult-removable, kid-friendly surface (I’m thinking magnetic board/paint as opposed to confusing her with a wall-sized surface you can write on) is brilliant.