Not even an hour after waking up this morning, my 20-month-old daughter was sick of being inside, and wanted to go out and do something. The problem was, in addition to being wet and muddy from the recent rain and storms, almost nothing (with anything good for a toddler to do) is open before noon on Sundays. On my list of possible places to eventually go today I had the Noelridge Park greenhouses.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the hours that the greenhouses are open anywhere on the Cedar Rapids, IA city website. And various Google search results turned up vague and sometimes conflicting information. I called the number listed in the city directory, and got a recording that said nothing of hours of availability.

So we drove there, not expecting them to be open, but hoping we’d at least find a sign that would tell us when we could come back in the future. Here it is:

That’s Monday through Friday, 7am to 3:30pm, and also Easter weekend, and Mother’s Day.

I know the hours are quite restrictive, but considering that the greenhouses are tended to mostly by volunteers (due to some unfortunate budget cuts) it’s nice that they’re open to the public at all. Since they were closed like I expected, I was nice that it actually wasn’t as wet as I had thought. We ended up playing at one of the playgrounds as well as chasing ducks and squirrels.

So hopefully somebody wondering what the hours are when people can come and visit the Noelridge park greenhouses can find there way here and save themselves a trip!

And here are some search terms to help people find there way here:
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