A Deepness In The SkyI just finished reading Vernor Vinge’s A Deepness in the Sky (read a short plot introduction from Wikipedia here). What an epic, enthralling, and most SATISFYING read. I’ve read novels worthy of those adjectives before, but never worthy to such an extent as this. It was long (separated in to three parts that easily could have been shorter, individual books of a trilogy), and a bit unfocused at times (some exciting sub-plots seemed unnecessary in the grand scheme of things), but I enjoyed every chapter (at least as best as I can remember).

I checked A Deepness in the Sky out from the library at the same time as another of Vinge’s books, Rainbows End. I chose to read the latter first, as its dust jacket teaser seemed more interesting to me than the other’s. I’m very glad that I chose the order I did. Rainbows End was a good book, and an entertaining read, but it didn’t stand a chance against A Deepness in the Sky. I give Deepness a ten (and to those who’ve read the book, I’m referring to points, not spidery appendages).