It’s a proven fact that compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFL’s) use less electricity than old/standard incandescent light bulbs, and will therefore save you money on your electricity bill. They also last longer, which means less shopping for bulbs and less time spent replacing them. So while shopping for a 150-watt bulb for the torchiere lamp in our livingroom today, I decided to take a look at the CFL’s. The 150-watts were enormous, and would undoubtedly not fit in the lamp. But the 100-watts seemed ok, so I picked up a two pack.

But the problem is, even those are too big for the lamp. The lamp holds two bulbs at a time, and since CFL’s are wider at the base than incandescents, I can only have one CFL and one incandescent paired together. Two CFL’s simple wouldn’t fit.

And even with only one CFL installed, it’s too tall and shows over the lamp shade.

So while I’d like to use nothing but CFL’s from now on, at least one of my lamps won’t allow it. I expect (or at least hope) that now that CFL’s are gaining such widespread usage we’ll see lamp designers and manufacturers testing and adjusting their designs to work with CFL’s. I still plan to bring some CFL’s of different wattages along next time we’re shopping for a lamp to make sure they’ll fit. Annoying, but I’m willing to try.