This isn’t my first or my only blog. The main place I used to do this sort of thing was also where I posted baby pictures and family news. Whenever I wrote about technology or linked to offfbeat websites, I felt like I was wasting people’s time. I knew visitors chose to come there and could simply skip past parts that didn’t interest them, but things still felt too cluttered and unfocused to me. I wanted a place where I could let myself go without messing up the “family blog”, and I’m hoping this will be it.

I also want to improve the quality of my content too. Those of you familiar with my previous blog may recall the overall cut-and-paste nature of my non-family posts. I briefly summarized what I was linking to, or rehashed a story in a rather boring narrative, and I didn’t add anything of value myself. Expect to see more of my thoughts and opinions here. Hopefully that will still be as (if not more) interesting or entertaining. And of course, I’ll still be linking to lots of interesting content (with absolutely no thoughts or comments added by me) through my link blog.

Thanks for following me here.